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This glossary of data backup terms contains specific words and phrases that you may come across while working with computer backup and recovery software. Here you can find definitions of backup terms used on this website and in Handy Backup: everything regarding file backup, image backup, database backup, network backup and much more.

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Backup Terms Categories

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Backup Practices

  • Network backup strategy
    “Network backup strategy is a strategy, applied to the process of network backup, regulating various parameters, like how much data is backed up at a...”
  • Round Robin Scheduling Algorithm for Backup
    “A round robin scheduling algorithm is an algorithm, including a rotation of all the objects in a scheme, making sure that every object is engaged in...”
  • Data Restore
    “Data restore is a process or a result of the process of copying (and also decrypting, if necessary) the backup data to its original or another...”
  • File synchronization with FTP
    “File synchronization with an FTP server is a process of copying the newest (or any other files, according to the specified parameter) via the local...”
  • Migrate Data
    “It means to copy files, settings, e-mails, shortcuts, bookmarks, games from existing to new storage devices. ”
  • PC Synchronization Software
    “PC synchronization software is a class of computer applications designed to synchronize folders and files between multiple locations. Basically...”

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Backup Software Features

  • Span Backup Across Multiple DVDs
    “ Span backup is a process of backing up data that needs splitting. During backing up data users sometimes face with the problem that the file you...”
  • Directory synchronization
    “Directory (folder) synchronization is a process of synchronizing server directories. Handy Backup is an easy backup program and does not support...”
  • PIM synchronization
    “PIM stands for Personal Information Manager. The PIM synchronization program is a kind of program that synchronizes your personal info such as...”
  • Backup Compression
    “ Backup compression used during the backup process can often reduce the mount of space required by 50% or more. With Handy Backup you can easily...”
  • Scheduling
    “Scheduling is a process of or a notion meaning assigning special time when an operation needs to be launched. In this case a scheduler is used, which...”
  • Backup scheduler
    “A backup scheduler is a mechanism, allowing a user to schedule his backup operations to previously specified date and time. This enables one to have...”

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Backup Storage

  • Backup Storage
    “A storage device used to store copies of data for backup and recovery. Tape drives and tape libraries have been the traditional backup storage...”
  • Remote Backup | Back up to remote servers
    “Remote backup is a copy of a set of data (important documents, folders, database dumps, etc.) that is not located on the local computer's hard disk...”
  • Backup to HDD
    “The easiest way to secure data from loss is to back them up to a separate folder on your HDD, which you won’t touch during everyday work. In...”
  • Backup to DVD
    “Backup to DVD is a backup operation or a result of an operation during which the backup files were written to a single or multiple DVDs. This backup...”
  • Backup to USB
    “By backing up your data to external USB devices, you protect it from several possible sources of data loss at once: User mistake. If you...”
  • Destination
    “Destination, while in a file context, denotes a place where the data goes when it is moved from one file or storage device to another. Not only it...”

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Data for Backup

  • File Backup
    “A file backup is a backup operation in which any files, mostly data files, are backed up. ”
  • Save Settings
    “It means to save settings information to your personal computer, writable CD/DVD-ROM drive, floppies, USB drives or other media storage. ”
  • Backup Database
    “ is copying database to the disk to prevent it's injuries. This is useful for big and important databases. You can backuping your database to a...”
  • Backup Exchange 2007
    “Today, Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 is the heart of any Windows Server-based business, it's the latest word in the area of messaging, work...”
  • FTP From Windows | How to Get Access
    “ To get FTP access from windows you can use two programs: Internet Explorer Windows Explorer Internet explorer is well-known...”
  • Blackberry
    “Blackberry is a wireless handheld mail device which uses the push email function to deliver emails to the end user. Developed by Research In Motion (R...”

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Data Management

  • Path
    “In IT systems, path refers to the location of a file or directory on that system. On PCs using MS DOS or Windows, the path is as follows :- driv...”
  • Data synchronization
    “Data synchronization is a process of synchronizing data between two locations. Handy Backup can perform file synchronization. As with the whole...”
  • Folder
    “A folder, in graphical user interfaces, such as Windows and the Macintosh environment, is a folder is an object that can contain multiple documents...”
  • Span Backup to DVDs
    “To span backup to DVD means to split the backup data to multiple DVDs, if a backup is too large to store on a single disc. This backup will be called...”
  • Verification
    “Verification, in a biometric security system, is the process of comparing a biometric sample against a single reference template of a specific user...”
  • Back Up
    “The verb to back up is generally used to describe an process of copying data from one place to another, for safety reasons. In case of data loss or...”

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  • MySQL Master Server
    “MySQL Master Server is a server in MySQL replication configuration that hosts Master Database and acts as a primary source of data. Whenever a...”
  • MySQL Slave Server
    “MySQL Slave Server is a server in MySQL replication configuration that continuously tracks all modifications of the Master Server’s database...”
  • Primary Key
    “Primary key is a characteristic of values stored in a database table that allows using these values to uniquely address records to which they belong...”
  • Foreign Key
    “Foreign key is a field in a “child” table of a database that is used to refer to a record in a “parent” table of the same...”
  • Logical Backup
    “Logical backup is a copy of objects used in an application (e.g. database tables), that is made by accessing them through the application’s...”
  • MySQL Clustering
    “MySQL clustering is a technology that allows distributing the MySQL database across multiple independent nodes, to eliminate every possibility of...”

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Devices to Back Up From

  • Drive Backup
    “A drive backup is a sort of data protection copying of data denoting the backup of the entire contents of a hard drive. Check out the software...”
  • CompactFlash backup
    “CompactFlash backup is a backup of data, stored using the CompactFlash interface. Normally, it means a CompactFlash card backup. ”
  • HDD Backup | Hard Drive Disk Backing up
    “Over time, people have developed several approaches hard disk drive backup (HDD backup), and most drive backup products fall into one of two main...”
  • FTP Backup
    “An FTP backup is a backup operation, which involves backing up data from a computer to an FTP server. FTP backup can also be referred to as 'remote...”
  • Compact Flash backup
    “Compact Flash backup is a backup of data, stored using the Compact Flash interface. Normally, it means a Compact Flash card backup. ”
  • Network Backup
    “A network backup (LAN backup) is a backup which is created on one computer and is stored on another computer connected to the same network. The...”

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Email Management

  • Backup Outlook Express Address Book
    “Backups of Outlook Express address books are created to prevent destruction or corruption of Outlook Express contacts in case of a hardware or...”
  • Saving Email Messages on Various Storage Media
    “Email messages are very important files and need to be backed up regularly in order to avoid critical data loss. However, web mail users often...”
  • Quick Backup of Web-Based Mail
    “Mail stored on the online server is exposed to many different kinds of risks such as accidentally deleted message or server malfunctioning. No matter...”
  • Carbon Copy
    “Carbon Copyis a method of sending a copy of an e-mail to someone, but implying that they are not the direct recipient. For example, you send an...”
  • Export Outlook Contacts File: Three Ways to Make It
    ““How to export contacts from Outlook” question is very popular today. Why is this so? There is a large number of new devices and...”
  • Outlook Anywhere
    “Outlook Anywhere is a special service that allows Outlook clients to connect via SSL/HTTPS protocols to their mailboxes from remote locations...”

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  • Cryptography
    “The subject of cryptography is primarily concerned with maintaining the privacy of communications, and modern methods use a number of techniques to...”
  • Symmetric key cryptography
    “   Symmetric-key cryptography is an encryption system in which the sender and receiver of a message share a single, common key that is...”
  • AES
    “AES, Short for Advanced Encryption Standard, is a symmetric 128-bit block data encryption technique developed by Belgian cryptographers Joan Daemen...”
  • RC5
    “RC5 is a parameterized algorithm with a variable block size, a variable key size, and a variable number of rounds. Allowable choices for the block...”
  • Encryption Algorithm
    “An encryption algorithm is a mathematical procedure for performing encryption on data. Through the use of an algorithm, information is made into...”
  • Cipher
    “Cipher is the generic term used to describe a means of encrypting data. In addition, the term cipher can refer to the encrypted text itself...”

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File Management

  • File System
    “ The method for storing and retrieving files on a disk. A file system defines the directory structure for keeping track of the files and the path...”
  • Self-extracting file
    “Self-extracting file A self-extracting file is a type of file that contains other files that have been compressed (typically through a ZIP program)...”
  • File Replication
    “File replication is a process of copying files from one location to one or more locations for increased safety or performance. This measure can be...”
  • File Synchronization
    “File synchronization, in its simplest form, is automatic copying. Handy Backup supports file and folder synchronization. In the file...”
  • Autosave
    “Saving data to the disk at periodic intervals without user intervention. This function is usefull among automatic backup programs. The advantage of...”
  • Windows File Synchronization
    “Windows file synchronization is a process of copying Windows files to a different place that results in appearance of two or more identical folders...”

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General IT

  • Identification
    “Identification, in a biometric security system, is a process of comparing a biometric data sample against all of the system's databased reference...”
  • data
    “Data usually means the following: - Distinct pieces of information, usually formatted in a special way. All software is divided into two general...”
  • Device Manager
    “Device manager is a computer interface for managing devices, such as printers, monitors, mouse devices and other hardware. ”
  • Password
    “A secret series of characters, typically alphanumeric (meaning it consists of both letters and numbers) that enables a user to access a file...”
  • Archive
    “An archive is a long-term data storage (greater than or equal to 1 year). It may also mean the location where long-term data is stored (generally...”
  • Backup
    “Backup is the activity of copying files or databases so that they will be preserved in case of equipment failure or other catastrophe. Backup is...”

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IT Companies

  • Seagate Technology
    “Seagate Technology, is a major American manufacturer of hard drives, founded in 1979 and based in Scotts Valley, California. The company is...”
  • Quantum Corporation
    “Quantum Corporation, was a manufacturer of tape drive products, based in San Jose, California. From its founding in 1980 until 2000, it was also a...”
  • International Business Machines Corporation (IBM)
    “International Business Machines Corporation (IBM) is a multinational computer technology and consulting corporation headquartered in Armonk, New...”
  • Samsung
    “Samsung, hard drives are products of the Samsung Electronics that is a South Korean Multinational Corporation and one of the world's largest...”
  • Iomega Corporation
    “The Iomega Corporation , is a supplier of portable computer storage devices and media. The corporation, established in 1980, has 208 employees in...”
  • Maxtor Corporation
    “Maxtor Corporation, was an American manufacturer of computer hard disk drives founded in 1982. In 2000 it Purchased Quantum's hard disk line of...”

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  • WebDAV Backup
    “WebDAV backup is a process or a result of copying conducted using the WebDAV protocol. Since WebDAV provides an easy way to create, modify and...”
  • Local Area Network
    “Local area network (or LAN) is a computer network that spans a relatively small area. Most LANs are confined to a single building or group of...”
  • IP Address
    “IP Address or 'Internet Protocol' is the numeric address that guides all Internet traffic, such as e-mail and Web traffic, to its destination. The IP...”
  • Backup FTP to Google Drive | How to Transfer Files
    “ Backup FTP to Google Drive can look like a redundancy, but on the practical purposes, it opens many possibilities, such as restoration of website...”
  • Proxy server
    “A proxy server is a computer server which acts in the place of individual users when connecting to Web sites. The proxy server receives requests from...”
  • DNS
    “DNS, abbreviated from Domain Name System (or Server), is the means by which user friendly Web addresses are translated into arcane IP addresses. The...”

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Program Backup

  • Outlook Express Message Backup
    “Do a backup copy of Outlook Express message to a writable CD/DVD-ROM drive, floppies, USB drives and other media storage. You can perform outlook...”
  • Outlook Backup
    “An Outlook backup is a copy of data of Microsoft Outlook which is the world’s most popular messaging and collaboration software. Basically...”
  • What is Microsoft Outlook Backup
    “Microsoft Outlook backup is a copy of Microsoft Outlook data that can be used to restore your e-mail messages, contacts and other data in case of...”
  • MySQL Backup Table
    “Many people are interested in the question how to make a backup of a single MySQL database table, not the entire database. This backup can be used...”
  • SQL Server Data Types
    “Saving SQL server data to another location, user can manipulate with all parts of vital content linked to the particular SQL server instance...”
  • Database Backup
    “1)it means to copy databases so that they will be preserved in case of equipment failure or other catastrophe. 2)A backup of the control file and...”

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  • Directory Synchronization Software
    “Directory synchronization software is an application or applications designed for the purpose of keeping several folders in sync. Since effective...”
  • Synchronization manager
    “Synchronization manager is manager software, which manages the synchronization process between two instances. Handy Backup is a backup program and...”
  • Graphical SFTP Client
    “A graphical SFTP client is an application, allowing transferring files to online web servers using SFTP protocol. Usually a graphical SFTP client has...”
  • Microsoft Backup
    “Microsoft backup means the process of saving data and different settings from different Microsoft applications. Designed natively for Windows and...”
  • Copy Utility
    “Data copying utilities are designed to ease or automate copying of data stored on computer hard drive or memory. They may have a variety of features...”
  • Scheduler
    “A scheduler is usually a scheme of setting time for an operation. Scheduler allows performing an operation when the user is away from the computer...”

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Storage Management

  • CDR duplication
    “CDR duplication is a process of copying the entire contents, be it data files or audio, of one CDR to another. Usually special equipment is used...”
  • CD ROM duplication
    “CDROM duplication is a duplication of contents from a single original CDROM to one or more CDROMs. Today's equipment can boost the CDROM...”
  • Grandfather-father-son rotation
    “Grandfather-father-son rotation is the Grandfather-father-son rotation schedule. Currently, Handy Backup does not support the...”
  • DVD Duplication
    “DVD duplication is a process of copying the entire contents of a DVD disc (be it data files or audio) to a different DVD disc. This procedure usually...”
  • DVD rip
    “DVD ripping is a process of copying the entire contents, be it data files or audio, of one DVD to another. Usually special equipment is used...”
  • CD ROM Replication
    “CD ROM replication is a process of manufacturing a CD ROM from scratch using a single original disc. The result of the CD ROM replication process is...”

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Storage Media

  • Smart Media
    “Designed for use with digital still cameras, PDA's, MP3 players and other electronic products that use SmartMediaT cards as standard or extended data...”
  • Flash card
    “A small module that contains flash memory such as a PC Card, CompactFlash, SmartMedia or similar format. Contrast with "socket flash". ”
  • Media
    “Media is a plural form of medium. (1) Media can be objects on which data can be stored. These include hard disks, floppy disks, CD-ROMs, and...”
  • Zip drive
    “A zip drive is a high-capacity floppy disk drive originally developed by Iomega Corporation. Zip disks can hold 100 or 250 MB of data, and they are...”
  • Flash memory
    “A rewritable memory chip that holds its content without power. Flash evolved from the EEPROM chip, and its name was coined by Toshiba to express...”
  • Compactflash
    “The Memory Stick Duo, which is slightly smaller than the competing Secure Digital format, was developed in response to Sony's need for a smaller...”

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Types of Backup

  • Full Backup
    “A full backup is a copy of all selected files (sometimes most of hard disk files), kept on a different storage media, for use in emergencies. It...”
  • Backup rotation scheme
    “A backup rotation scheme is a scheme, involving backup media rotation determining various parameters of the backup process. Now nearly every backup...”
  • Round robin schedule
    “A round robin schedule is a schedule, including a rotation of all the objects in the schedule, making sure that every object is engaged in the...”
  • System Backup
    “A system backup is a backup of all system files, which allows restoring the operating system to a working state after a crash. Usually only special...”
  • Total Backup
    “Total backup is a method of computer backup that expects that you don’t perform explicit selection of data, but back up everything without any...”
  • Grandfather-father-son backup
    “A Grandfather-father-son backup is a backup according to the most widely used backup rotation schedule Grandfather-father-son. Currently, Handy...”

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  • SCSI (Small Computer System Interface)
    “ SCSI (Small Computer System Interface) , is a set of standards for physically connecting and transferring data between computers and peripheral...”
  • Copy right
    “computer programs which create copies of the information on a computer system so that it can be stored separately and used to replace the original...”
  • Socket Flash
    “Flash memory that is housed in a standard chip package and plugs into a socket on the circuit board. A flash BIOS is an example. Contrast with flash...”
  • Open Mobile Alliance Data Synchronization
    “A standard protocol developed by OMA (Open Mobile Alliance) for synchronization of data stored on small mobile devices. ”
  • Serial Attached SCSI (SAS)
    “Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) , is a computer bus technology primarily designed for transfer of data to and from devices like hard drives, CD-ROM drives...”
  • Open Mobile Alliance
    “OMA is an open forum devoted to mobile applications, specifications and suchlike. OMA was founded in 2002 as an attempt to consolidate numerous...”

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  • Span Backup to CD
    “To span backup to CD means to split the backup data to multiple CDs, if a backup is too large to store on a single disc. This backup will be called...”

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Most Viewed Terms

  • Root
    “Root is the starting directory on any system. Of course, it is sometimes called "root directory". ”
  • Compact Flash Card
    “Compact Flash card is a storage device produced in a form of a 42.8 x 36.4 mm card that exploits the Compact Flash interface. For the last several...”
  • Subdirectory
    “Subdirectory is a directory below another directory. Every directory except the root directory is a subdirectory. In Windows 95 and Windows/NT...”

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